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If you need to get hold of Cubase LE - then click the link below, There is a choice of versions 1.08x or the fully featured and current Cubase 4 LE. Both offer an excellent platform from which to build you Music Productivity from:


Also available is the older Windows 95 and upwards compatible CUABSE VST 5. This together with CUBASE LE 1.08x, will allow you to load your original /earlier CUBASE creations and move their format towards the modern equivalent. This is a vital and inexpensive way (in terms of financial outlay and time!) of making the most of your hard work! Comes with User Manuals.


If you need a very first copy of CUBASE for the ATARI ST, then click here also - supplied as either  ATARI ST  format 720 floppy or other variation to suit need.



Having a registered copy of CUBASE will also allow you to get expert and unlimited help from other experts and users in the Forum:

Excellent support from the Steinberg,net Forums
Excellent support from the Steinberg,net Forums

Guitar Rig 4 Pro - the best way to integrate your realtime guitar into Cubase! Only £19.99 !!